10 EASY Tips to go Plastic-Free and Zero Waste, without losing your Freedom

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

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Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it eco-friendly.

The idea of Plastic Free and Zero Waste might sound scary. We're so used to living with the freedom to buy and consume to our heart's content, that going zero waste sounds like we'd be giving up our freedom.

But - it's the exact opposite.

Minimizing is a refreshing exciting style that keeps you in balance with the things you love most, and able to let go of the rest. And so many of the reuseable items you can buy these days are so much better looking than the one-and-done items. Sustainable living has so many choices!


Here are 10 EASY Tips to being plastic-free and zero waste without losing your freedom.

  1. No Straw. As soon as the server shows up at your table, ask for no straw in your drink.

  2. Reusable Water Bottle. Get a fantastically colorful or sleek and simple reusable water bottle.

  3. It's OK to Say No. Though we like the idea of freebie handouts, say 'no thank-you' the next time someone tries to give a tchotchke. Let's be honest - it's pretty much going to end up in your garbage eventually!

  4. Do You Really Need That Receipt? Our parents used to keep every receipt and then reconcile the checkbook. But do we? Avoid a receipt.

  5. Paperless Bills. Since our entire life is pretty much online these days, why not also go paperless and receive an e-statement to your inbox.

  6. Rechargeable Batteries. If you don't already have them, add rechargeable batteries (and a charger) to your to-do list, and you can stop buying harmful toxic batteries for good.

  7. Tired of Junk Mail? Sign up so you can reduce the amount of needless junk mail that ends up in your recycling bin. Go to https://catalogchoice.org/

  8. Paper Towels. Americans are known for their paper towel obsession. We grew up on them. You can become #ecofriendly by picking up Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloth or a Skoy Cloth Pak which you can toss in the wash to keep it clean and fresh.

  9. No Bag Please. Whenever possible, if you can hand carry the items out the door, forego the single-use plastic bag. #plasticfree is the way to go.

  10. Reuseable Shopping Bags. Make a one-time purchase of reuseable bags and a mesh bag for fruits & veggies, and you'll have a huge impact on reducing the plastic in the environment. If your shopping experience usually results in 8-10 bags per shopping trip, times 52 weeks, you're saving the environment from 416-520 harmful bags per year. A thousand bags in two years!! Think of the impact you can make! #zerowaste


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