7 Reasons to Start Talking about Sustainability Today

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Going Green isn't just a trendy color, it's a global and local contribution each of us can champion.

It's guaranteed that 9 out of 10 times when i'm out in stores, events, or conversations, and someone asks what i do, and i say 'Sustainability', they respond, "what's that?"

The origin of phrase is anchored around 1987, which means we've had it in our midst for over thirty years, but it seems it's been hanging in the ether, but not very prominent for the Monday morning water-cooler conversation. Maybe together we can change all that..... you in?

Some of the phrases that come with this territory are go green, eco-friendly, corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is the cousin of individual social responsibility (ISR), and the ever popular environmentally friendly. They all pretty much mean - do what you can to help, and reduce your impact wherever possible.


So let's take a peek at seven reasons sustainability should move up the ranks of your Top 5 Fave topics of conversation.

  1. It's not going away. So instead of being the last one on the bus, be the first - and you'll come across as savvy and in the know. Be a starter, and let someone else be the joiner. Way better position to be in.

  2. Save Money. Know someone on a budget? Give them Sustainability Starters and you're throwing them a lifeline. Triple win because more money stays in their pocket, the environment takes less of a hit, and you become a fantastic friend.

  3. Reduce Resource Usage. Statistics show you're probably working at a company that hasn't adopted CSR, but if you look around your work, you could identify 5-10 ways they could go leaner and greener immediately by reducing paper and plastics. Show management you're modern and an influencer, and recommend a rollout of a Social Eco Wellness program.

  4. Be an Advocate. Take #3 to the next level, tell management you would like to spearhead the program, and get a small team together to draft a list of some easy items that can be improved right away. #bealeader

  5. Reduce Purchases | Reduce Waste. Land animals and aquatic friends are losing their lives due to our overindulgence in purchases and the waste we create. Regular local news networks cover crime, politics, weather, and sports, which means we need to rely on alternate means of spreading the environmental word. AKA - you, me, friends, colleagues, etc. #zerowaste

  6. Single-Use Plastic. If you go to a store and buy a few items that you can carry by hand (since you probably carried them by hand to the checkout counter), tell the clerk or bagger, "NO BAG PLEASE". If you go home with a single-use plastic bag, and even if you bring bags back to the store for recycling - it's too late. The best solution is to not even leave the store with the bag. #plasticfree

  7. No More Plastic Straws. Americans use 500 million straws A DAY. 10 million tons of plastic is produced every second. 5 trillion pieces of plastic are in our oceans. We're at the point where we need to stop using straws when out in restaurants and tell the server "No Straw in my water/drink please". And also talk to your company and see if they'll stop purchasing coffee straws for the kitchen. Join the #stopsucking movement and revel in the feeling you get when you start having a social and eco impact.


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