What is Sustainability

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Let's take out Sustainability for a spin and get a bit of clarity.

Sustainability is not leafy greens and plants and trees and weaving flowers in your hair, or handing out pamphlets at the airports to inspire others to give homage to mother earth.

Sustainability is a #socialgoodness strategy you implement at home and at work, and the positive outcomes of reducing waste, reducing superfluous usage of utilities, becoming streamlined and efficient, benefits you, society, and the environment.

In Layman's Terms

Sustainability and social responsibility is when you put forward the needs of the people and the environment as a priority, and once you do, all sorts of benefits come into play.

Because many of us are ruled by emotions and ego, when the expression 'social responsibility' enters a conversation, a person's reaction might be, "no one tells ME what to do!" True - we like the freedom of making our own choices and choosing our own fate. But - we also want our choices and fate to result in a happy, secure, and profitable future, yes?

There exists an expression for which the true origin seems to be unknown but it follows as this, "we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children". Sometimes we place a huge emphasis on honoring where we came from and the history that is our foundation, but we also need to pay equal credence to the time that is laid out in front of us. Honoring the past is kind and noble, but honoring the future is vital to our safety and success.

The Focus

Honoring the past is kind and noble, but honoring the future is vital to our safety and success.

Sustainability is not an initiative that asks a person to cut off one's nose to spite one's face, and it's not asking us to undertake needless actions. Sustainability is a methodology that has an endgame just like sales, operations, or marketing. It has goals, procedures, efficiencies, best practices, experts, and novices. We all fit into the #socialresponsibility schema somewhere and we each have our own version that fits us best; it's just a matter of finding which blend of initiatives is our personal best fit. Once you find that cozy fit, you set it & forget it and let the rewards roll in.

Get Inspired

If you're interested in discovering the benefits that sustainability provides, the first step is opening the door and welcoming the possibility. Once you allow that opportunity to be yours, you have a world of profitable options to explore.

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